Friday, January 4, 2013

Experimenting with Sugar paste mixes

During the Christmas break I decided one night to sit down and try some new gum paste mixes I was playing with.
I came up with a mix to allow the fondant to stretch better and not crack so much in the heat.
Then I thought "Bill make a shoe, go on I dare you!" I am not exactly sure why I decided on this, but challenge accepted!!!!!!!!!!!

My next thought was how to make the shoe, I have seen heaps on Google that are free formed and not that big and not really impressive.

I know what ill do!!!!! I will use my partner in crime Ash's favourite high heels, ill mold the shoe of it, then free form the rest shhhhhhhh.

And the result?

The first version came out to thin and fell apart to easy, but after another go and some thicker mix I came out with this version.

Its a work in progress but now I have refined my concept and design and I will be offering these shoes on cakes.

I will have to wait until the temp outside drops below 30 degrees to do my next shoe, but when its finished it will be something pretty amazing.
Cheers all
Brother Billies

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