Monday, August 27, 2012

Were makin babies

Well It seems that everyone is having babies at the moment and recently we got asked to do a short order of 24 baby themed cup cakes to go to a baby shower.
The 24 cup cakes were broken into 3 yummy flavours these being
  • Chocolate mud with dark chocolate butter cream frosting
  • Red velvet with cream cheese frosting
  • Coconut with lime butter cream frosting
Below are a selection of pics from the day, all of the decorations were hand made by ash and the baby faces have been airbrushed to bring out the small details.
We have been really enjoying playing around with the new airbrush colours we purchased from baking pleasures another one of our excellent suppliers.
We wrapped the cup cakes in Baby wrappers that have been airbrushed in different colours just to provide something a little different.

Cute Little fellas, Ash did an amazing job on these


Each cup cake was wrapped in baking paper so that when you unwrapped them you had a neat little plate to eat the cup cake on.

These Little fellas are Ash's creation as well, she worked around the clock creating one off custom babies for the shower and they were excellent, everyone loved them, not the best for eating, you could try, I would suggest getting in bed before you try as you may end up with one hell of a sugar high.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ash's Mille-Feuille

Here is a cake that my partner Ash knocked up.

The name of the cake is a mille-feuille, probably the hardest cake to spell on the planet but made up of so many tasty things.

Puff pastry cream and tart cherries what else do you need really.

Chocolate Cheese Cake

Well another year has passed and I am now another year older.
What better way to celebrate but cake!!!
But no ordinary cake would do, a chocolate cheese cake was the order of the day.

Full of cream cheese and the new chocolate I acquired from Paragon foods, wow chocolate much? chocolate overload?....yes definitely.

If anyone wants to have a go at the cake here is the link to the recipe.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Its all about the quality

What would a cake business be without good quality chocolate.

We have tried countless numbers of chocolates in our cakes and deserts and have finally found a brand we can call amazing.

Paragon foods in Melbourne hooked us up with 4 of their best and this is what came in the box.

33% milk choc, 53% dark, 100% cocoa powder and probably the nicest white chocolate I have tasted.

Look out Saturday as I have plans for you and chocolate and coffee and its all good.

The Company is called Callebaut and is a Belgian company and a major producer of chocolate for consumers and for professional chocolatiers.

The best place to acquire this amazing chocolate is at

Something so simple can be amazing

During our annual research time we spend several weeks in the best foodies city in AUS........... MELBOURNE!!!!!!!!!!!

If we had to live in a city it would have to Melbourne, the people, the food and the culture are excellent.

One of the things we instantly fell in love with was coffee, but not your everyday processed burnt garbage.

We hunted around narrow alley ways and got taken to several excellent coffee haunts, the best of these being Penny Farthing Espresso, this coffee house was created by 2 brothers and is amazing, the quality of their coffee beans is second to none.

They take so much pride in their coffee and how it is produced and it shows in their product.

We loved it so much so that we now regularly stock up on as many different blends as possible.

We also use this coffee in our chocolate death cake, a cake only a true chocolate lover could eat.

The details for Penny Farthing are below:

206 High Street
Northcote 3070
Victoria Australia
Telephone: (03) 9482 2246
Ask for Steve and you will get sorted everytime.

A new mixer brings bigger possibilities

The end of new week in the land of cakes and a long awaited upgrade arrives.

Yep it is a new mixer!!!

More power, more bowls, more everything really.

When we started out 12 months ago we purchased a Kitchenaid Artisan mixer but quickly found out that it just didn't cut the mustard when the words "big cakes" or "choc chips" were muttered.

Now a brand new Kitchenaid KPM50 sits a top our kitchen bench.

The mixer came from hospitality super store in QLD, the service there is excellent and they really know their appliances.

It all starts with an idea

Sugar Paste Rose for Ash

Well after long last we have decided to get our blog under way.

It has been over 12 months since Ash and I decided to tumble down the rabbit hole into the land of creation and taste.
We have done our research and found our niche.

Once we had an idea we registered our company name "Brother Billies Cakes" and it all started from there.

On this blog we will be posting information about our cake adventures, and hopefully some helpful tips about ingredients and where to get them.