Monday, August 27, 2012

Were makin babies

Well It seems that everyone is having babies at the moment and recently we got asked to do a short order of 24 baby themed cup cakes to go to a baby shower.
The 24 cup cakes were broken into 3 yummy flavours these being
  • Chocolate mud with dark chocolate butter cream frosting
  • Red velvet with cream cheese frosting
  • Coconut with lime butter cream frosting
Below are a selection of pics from the day, all of the decorations were hand made by ash and the baby faces have been airbrushed to bring out the small details.
We have been really enjoying playing around with the new airbrush colours we purchased from baking pleasures another one of our excellent suppliers.
We wrapped the cup cakes in Baby wrappers that have been airbrushed in different colours just to provide something a little different.

Cute Little fellas, Ash did an amazing job on these


Each cup cake was wrapped in baking paper so that when you unwrapped them you had a neat little plate to eat the cup cake on.

These Little fellas are Ash's creation as well, she worked around the clock creating one off custom babies for the shower and they were excellent, everyone loved them, not the best for eating, you could try, I would suggest getting in bed before you try as you may end up with one hell of a sugar high.

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  1. They look fabulous, well done! I'll have a chocolate one please!