Sunday, February 3, 2013

A 21st cake to remember

Hey All,

We have just completed a cake that I have had more fun with than any other cake in a long time, it was for a long time friend of ours.

Her baby brother was turning 21, wow I remember when I turned 21 well sort of.

This cake had a theme and what better theme for a 21st cake but

RM Williams Boots, Horses, Dogs and Grog
We wanted to make this cake special, we wanted to make it something he wouldn't forget anytime soon, so we began creating this one off master piece.
It had to feature a horse made from dark chocolate and a rider made purely from fondant, a pair of RM Williams chocolate mud boots wrapped in fondant and other small details like swags and his dog.

And so it began..............
The cake itself comprised of 3 12" cakes and took about a week to bake and build, the horse a bit longer at 2 weeks as the chocolate had to harden enough to assemble the rider.

The cake was well received and it was an absolute pleasure making it for them.

Brother Billie

We couldn't leave out his better half now could we

An 80th with Dolly

80 years and still going strong.

It was finally here, it was Esma's (or 'stump' if you know her) birthday,  we had an idea to do the dolly vardon cake for a while but couldn't find a tin large enough to feed all the people.

We hand carved the dress from a 3 tier red velvet cake with cream cheese, covered the whole lot in dark chocolate ganache and then fondant.

I have been playing with making my own chocolate molding paste with the callebaut choc from paragon and I have come across a killer recipe.

With this in mind we made a chocolate tree for the dress and covered it in cherry blossoms that we airbrushed with a bit of pink.

Friday, January 11, 2013

For a good cause

As I was working away this week I was looking at the various fires around NSW and I started to think, these people fighting the fires are doing everything for us what can I do for them?

I know.......CAKE

But this time I wanted to go all out because its for a bunch of really deserving people.

So this one is for the men and women of the Cooma Emergency Center who are helping control the fires around Cooma and the surrounding region.

This cake was a pleasure to make and decorate, we had so much fun with this one.

I hope they all enjoyed their cake because you all deserve it.

Thank you 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Experimenting with Sugar paste mixes

During the Christmas break I decided one night to sit down and try some new gum paste mixes I was playing with.
I came up with a mix to allow the fondant to stretch better and not crack so much in the heat.
Then I thought "Bill make a shoe, go on I dare you!" I am not exactly sure why I decided on this, but challenge accepted!!!!!!!!!!!

My next thought was how to make the shoe, I have seen heaps on Google that are free formed and not that big and not really impressive.

I know what ill do!!!!! I will use my partner in crime Ash's favourite high heels, ill mold the shoe of it, then free form the rest shhhhhhhh.

And the result?

The first version came out to thin and fell apart to easy, but after another go and some thicker mix I came out with this version.

Its a work in progress but now I have refined my concept and design and I will be offering these shoes on cakes.

I will have to wait until the temp outside drops below 30 degrees to do my next shoe, but when its finished it will be something pretty amazing.
Cheers all
Brother Billies

Monday, November 26, 2012

Celebration Of A 60 Year Sentence

A few weeks ago we had the very special opportunity to create a one of a kind 60th wedding anniversary cake.

The couple in question are my partners grandparents, together for 60 years and still going strong.

The cake is a Coconut and lime cake with a cream cheese filling, mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

The cake was designed around the dance floor, Ash's grandparents spent many years as professional dancers.

The cake was surrounded by half circle ruffles and orange flowers.

The dancing couple cake topper is from Wilton, the Wilton site has along with the topper we purchased an absolute swag of other excellent cake toppers.

The floor of the cake was make by swirling white and chocolate fondant to get the wood grain effect, after this we used a special tool to create the wood panelling in the floor.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Were makin babies

Well It seems that everyone is having babies at the moment and recently we got asked to do a short order of 24 baby themed cup cakes to go to a baby shower.
The 24 cup cakes were broken into 3 yummy flavours these being
  • Chocolate mud with dark chocolate butter cream frosting
  • Red velvet with cream cheese frosting
  • Coconut with lime butter cream frosting
Below are a selection of pics from the day, all of the decorations were hand made by ash and the baby faces have been airbrushed to bring out the small details.
We have been really enjoying playing around with the new airbrush colours we purchased from baking pleasures another one of our excellent suppliers.
We wrapped the cup cakes in Baby wrappers that have been airbrushed in different colours just to provide something a little different.

Cute Little fellas, Ash did an amazing job on these


Each cup cake was wrapped in baking paper so that when you unwrapped them you had a neat little plate to eat the cup cake on.

These Little fellas are Ash's creation as well, she worked around the clock creating one off custom babies for the shower and they were excellent, everyone loved them, not the best for eating, you could try, I would suggest getting in bed before you try as you may end up with one hell of a sugar high.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ash's Mille-Feuille

Here is a cake that my partner Ash knocked up.

The name of the cake is a mille-feuille, probably the hardest cake to spell on the planet but made up of so many tasty things.

Puff pastry cream and tart cherries what else do you need really.